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The Power of Incentive Programmes

We are a multi-national rewards and incentives provider who cares about your people’s success, blend empathy and pioneering technology to align people behind your brand and improve performance. Our purpose is to see your business, your brand and your people WIN.

Our bespoke incentive programmes are designed to engage employees, motivate and promote positive behaviour, boost morale, drive sales, improve performance and build loyalty amongst employees and channel partners.

The incentive programmes and services we offer our clients include Consultation Services, Sales and Channel Incentives, Employee Reward & Recognition programmes, Travel Incentives and Reward fulfilment solutions.

Business Solutions

Grow Revenue / Ensure results from within:

We assist companies in motivating teams to reach targets and achieve better sales results with incentive solutions that drive sales amongst Sales and Distribution Channels.

Improve Performance / Reward Achievement:

We provide solutions that change the behaviour and habits of people in the organisation across departments, resulting in an increase in morale and improved overall performance that contributes to the company’s bottom line.

Retain Brand Loyalty:

We provide loyalty solutions that build loyalty among employees as well as channel partners.

Develop Performance Driven Culture:

We provide solutions that are designed to drive a high-performance culture through the recognition and reward of behaviour that leads to exceptional performance and overall organisational success.

What we offer

Sales & Channel Incentives

Reward your sales force & unlock the full potential of your channel with a sales & distribution channel incentive programme.

Employee Reward & Recognition Programme

Drive change in behaviour and boost performance by rewarding employees with a custom-built employee reward and recognition programme.

Incentive Travel

Motivate Exceptional performance and give your incentive winners an experience of a lifetime with an Incentive Travel Trip. Reward your top performers and show appreciation for their positive contribution to the business.

Reward Fulfilment

We manage incentive reward fulfilment and delivery through our established logistics department by harnessing our existing Online Voucher Mall, Kudosh gift card and Virtual Card, which offers maximum flexibility, choice of reward and ease of use.

Consulting Services

We provide consulting services to establish which strategy would best align with your overall business objectives. Talk to the experts and consult with our team for an employee, sales, or channel incentive solution.

Incentive Calculator

Calculate your return on your incentive investment by using this calculator. 

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