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We offer an unlimited selection of reward offerings that are tailored to providing that perfect reward to inspire, recognise and reward your achievers.

Our Reward Fulfilment solution has a variety of options to meet your needs. Whether it be a Kudosh Reward Card, Virtual Card or a Virtual Voucher from our voucher mall, we have everything you will ever need in your reward artillery.


You can pick the option that works best for your business and employees:

  • Kudosh Reward Card
    It is a Mastercard Gift Card that can be used at any Retail outlet in South Africa

  • Virtual Card
    It is a Mastercard virtual card and can be used on any online store in South Africa.

  • Virtual Mall
    Offers virtual vouchers from any of the 70+ SA retail vouchers we have on offer. Woolworths, PicknPay, Steers, etc.


  • Reward logistics seamlessly carried out
  • Packaging freight and insurances
  • High speed courier services that can be tracked
  • Massive reward choices that fulfils everyone’s personal needs
  • Reward cards that can be reloaded
  • Virtual cards that can be used online
  • Virtual voucher mall with huge variety of high street retailers
  • Online card activation, balance checks and lost card facilities
  • International partnership opportunities and a global network of reward fulfilment options.
  • Africa reward fulfilment specialists

What We Offer

We have the following options to brand and customise your cards to make them unique:

  • Kudosh card and card carriers can be branded with your logo
  • Lite microsite to manage Kudosh and Virtual card can be customised with your company CI.

We have the following support in place for clients and their participants:

  • A committed Account Manager is assigned to the client to implement and run the programme.
  • The Account Manager deals with all enquiries from participants to the regional manager.
  • We maintain, monitor, and administrate all reward fulfilment elements.
  • Budgets and processes are managed to ensure the success of the reward execution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an incentive award card?2023-05-15T09:56:19+02:00

Uwin Iwin was one of the first to offer a flexible rewards card that can be used anywhere in South Africa where MasterCard is accepted. Kudosh Cards allow for cost-effective and secure incentive fulfillment – safer than cash!

The features are the broadest on offer anywhere in South Africa. With the Kudosh Card, a participant can:

  • Swipe the card at any POS that accepts MasterCard cards
  • Buy fuel
  • Reload your card
  • Semi-personalised or entirely white labeled with your logo
How do I activate my Incentive Award Card?2023-05-15T09:56:18+02:00

When using our Kudosh Card, you will have access to a dedicated call centre who will assist you with all your queries. The Kudosh card also comes in a card carrier with information pertaining to activation, rules and ease-of-use information.

How to use your incentive card?2023-05-15T09:56:18+02:00
  • Swipe the card at any POS that accepts MasterCard cards
  • Draw cash at an ATM
  • Buy fuel
  • Reload your card
  • Semi-personalised or entirely white labeled with your logo

We have come a long way, 5 years working with Uwin Iwin! Thank you so much for 99% on-time delivery record. Keep up the professional standards. You make our work easier!

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