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Totally Morpheus Partnership

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Strong Leadership is the Foundation of Success.

How can leaders grow from good to great?

Uwin Iwin’ s partnership with Totally Morpheus brings world-class leadership development directly to our clients. These custom and bespoke programs address unique leadership needs when it matters most.

Bespoke and Custom Leadership Development

  • Assessments: International standard and custom assessments and coaching
  • Workshops: Targeted, practical leadership skill-building sessions

  • Programs: Interactive, in-depth leadership development programs

  • Keynotes: Expert presentations giving leaders information, inspiration and keys to implementation

  • Retreats and Bootcamps: Intensive leadership development getaways

All Totally Morpheus leadership development offerings are available in-person or online, with the exception of retreats and bootcamps.

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About Totally Morpheus

Totally Morpheus offers bespoke and custom leadership development to bring measurable and sustainable results to all aspects of an organisation through a culture of conscious self-leadership

Founder Ian Hatton is a conscious leadership expert with two decades of international leadership development experience. As a Blanchard Global Associate, he has worked with thousands of leaders in top companies around the world. Today, Ian and his Totally Morpheus team deliver world-class keynotes, assessments, workshops, programs and retreats that transform leaders, their teams and their organisations.

Ian Hatton
Conscious Leadership Expert
International Keynote Speaker
Creator of Totally Morpheus Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

How does leadership development benefit my organisation?2023-08-28T12:19:20+02:00

When leaders are better equipped, their teams, peers, organisations and wider communities all benefit. Building their skills of self-leadership, individual leadership, team leadership and organisational leadership can enhance every aspect of an organisation.

What sets yourleadership development services apart?2023-08-28T12:20:00+02:00

Totally Morpheus offers more than training; the focus is genuine transformation for leaders that impacts their teams and organisations. This is why Totally Morpheus services address the four key domains of leadership: individual leadership, team leadership and organisational leadership, all beginning with self leadership. Ultimately, it is conscious leadership that we enable.

Why conscious leadership?2023-08-28T12:20:41+02:00

Conscious leadership begins with pioneers who first and foremost lead themselves with authenticity and awareness. From that firm foundation, conscious leaders transform their teams and organisations. The result is a culture of leadership that secures optimal performance from individuals and teams, resulting in not only increased revenues but also employees’ sustainable engagement, retention and satisfaction.

Do you offer international and online leadership development options?2023-08-28T12:21:16+02:00

Totally Morpheus leadership development programs are all available in person or online, apart from retreats and bootcamps which are only available in-person. Since the focus is on genuine transformation, we recommend a hybrid model with some in-person components for best results. The Totally Morpheus team is available to deliver training internationally, subject to availability.

What services do you offer?2023-08-28T12:21:51+02:00

Totally Morpheus bespoke and custom leadership development services include leadership assessments and coaching, workshops, comprehensive leadership programs, keynotes, retreats and bootcamps. These programs guide leaders through the four domains of leadership: individual, team and organisational leadership, all built on the foundation of conscious self-leadership.

Can I customise my leadership development program?2023-08-28T12:22:21+02:00

Yes, indeed. For best results, we strongly recommend that organisations customise their leadership development programs based on their unique needs. The Totally Morpheus team provides expert assistance in assessing and addressing specific leadership needs based on our suite of diagnostic assessment tools.

How can I learn more?2023-08-28T12:22:51+02:00

Contact Uwin Iwin Performance Incentives to discover how our leadership development partnership with Totally Morpheus can ignite your leaders and their teams.

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