Online Reward System - NETUWIN


Online Reward System – NetUwin

Our Online Reward System – NetUwin, is our wholly-owned, developed, maintained and managed cloud-based system, allows for maximum flexibility thus making it the ideal sales tracking and incentive tool.   NetUwin has the ability to manage a simple, aesthetically pleasing and functional front end, allowing the user to experience seamless communications and interaction.

Benefits of our Online Reward System


Our Online Reward System NetUwin is a single web, mobile or app-based system for your people to access: Communications


Uwin Iwin's developer team is based in South Africa and develops all Uwin Iwin systems.


Uwin Iwin's primary infrastructure is also based in South Africa, meaning that locally developed systems on local infrastructure are quicker to implement and maintain.


Uwin Iwin is able to interface with client proprietary systems via a number of methods in order to facilitate rewards via APIs.

How it works

Design your custom system

The Online Reward System NetUwin’s front end is completely customised to each client’s unique brand and programme identity.

We suggest that you start off with a basic microsite that can be linked to your existing website and app.

Collect Data

The back-end, NetUwin can extract valuable information via secure data extraction mechanisms, such as API, FTP and CSV data dump files.  NetUwin can successfully link to other technology platforms to verify select information and/or extract information.

A full reporting suite is linked to the back-end allowing for username and password-protected access to some or all reporting via the reporting dashboard.

Individual Registration

NetUwin allows for individual registration on the program, allocating points for rewards against a defined set of actions or behaviours. Points can be linked to direct monetary value or can be used to unlock thresholds that depict reward values.

Mapping Performance

Control your bottom line by mapping your performance directly to your strategic goals. Growth can often be extracted from your Sales Channel through incentives. Properly structured incentives can provide you with additional visibility to identify opportunities, threats, weaknesses, and strengths, allowing you to unlock the full potential within your sales channel.

Measuring Performance

NetUwin allows you to maximize your ROI and measure your return on objectives.

Participants Reward Experience
  • Participants claim their rewardable transactions with a unique serial number to that transaction.
  • This information is calculated to rewards by Uwin Iwin and validated by the client.
  • These rewards are made available to the rewards wallet on the system
  • Rewards in the wallet can be spent on gift cards, vouchers, electricity, airtime, etc.
Reward Program Communication
  • Fundamental to the success of the programme
  • Comes in the form of the website content, programme rules, transactional communications and direct communications:
    • Website Content – Customised as required: what is displayed on the home page of the website.
    • Programme Rules
      • Set up at the beginning of the programme and changed only when required.
      • When participants register or the rules change, the participant needs to click that they have read and accepted them prior to accessing the system.
    • Transactional Communications – messages sent when claims are made, claims are accepted/rejected, rewards are earned or spent.
    • Direct Communications – messages sent to participants individually or as a group via SMS, Email, push notification, etc. These are usually motivational or instructional.
What you get
  • NetUwin is accessible via the internet on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Each programme has its own URL and look & feel.
  • Participants can register for a specific programme by going to that programme’s website and registering. The information requested differs from client to client, but because of POPI and CPI, we request as little PII (Personally identifiable information) as is possible for the programme.
  • Clients may elect to screen registrations before they become live by field workers, etc. – recommended where sensitivity is to be shown.

NetUwin Software Features

You’ll find there are very few off-the-shelf incentive software platforms that allow companies to manage a “DIY” incentive program. Most incentive platforms are provided by full-service incentive providers who offer software technology – plus consulting expertise, promotional communications, program administration, and award fulfilment. Make sure the incentive software has the functionality to drive your program.

These are our top 10 recommended incentive software platform features to look for:

1. Custom Website

No matter what platform, the process will start with creating a website that administrators use to promote the incentive contest, and participants use to submit sales, review progress, and redeem awards. Where the great platforms separate themselves from the rest is the ability to implement custom-designed theming and professional graphics.

2. Participant Registration

Good platforms will include secure forms to capture social security numbers (or international tax id numbers) and other “PII” (personally identifiable information).

Having an autonomous process to register and properly assign your participants is vital to your time management.

3. Sales Claim Forms

Often, the main reason for the website is for claim forms to capture eligible sales or desired behaviours, especially for channel partner incentive programs where the sponsoring company does not employ the reps.

4. Sales Data Upload

Having an interface to upload large amounts of sales data via spreadsheet or an API (application programming interface) with your CRM (such as Salesforce) is crucial to making sure you don’t get boxed into doing massive data entry whenever there are major updates to sales, participants, or points.

5. Promo Offer Calculations

No two companies’ incentive programs are exactly the same. A powerful database and flexible scripting logic are important for calculating incentive offer points and to promote particular products or services.

6. Participant Portal

Empowering participants to view their current points and transaction history gives them all the information they need to eliminate emails from flying to your inbox, reduce administrative support demands, and keep the program running smoothly.

7. Award-Neutral Catalogue

Offering a high-quality catalogue of awards that include something for everyone has a profound effect on the engagement and longevity of your incentive. “Award-neutral” travel, merchandise, gift cards, and even Visa prepaid cards mean having awards that are not squarely categorized for one demographic or another; make sure every individual sees something that motivates them!

8. Shopping Cart

Robust incentive platforms will have all the digital backend connections to automatically fulfil participant redemptions without a need to compile award reports and email them to fulfilment partners.

9. Reporting Dashboard

A program administrator’s best friend, the reporting dashboard gives the relevant metrics to track the results and trends of your program, all in real-time. Keeping your fingers on the pulse of your program with live reporting could be the difference between long-term success and failure.

10. Security & Scalability

Ask yourself this question with every platform: “can this software grow with my program and protect the data within it?” Imagine the headache from having to switch platforms once your program has too much bandwidth, or worse, experiencing cybersecurity threats from having all that participant data in one place.

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