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Leadership Coaching Sessions for Senior Management in Progress

Our latest offering, the Leadership coaching, has attracted much attention since its launch.

Many corporate Executives, Senior Management and Decision-makers have gained valuable knowledge from these sessions conducted by our CEO – David Sand – who is an industry thought leader with over 30 years of experience.

Formulating incentive programmes is crucial to the success of an incentive initiative, and during these coaching sessions, the global benchmarks for successful incentive schemes are shared with Leadership teams, providing them with the formula required during the planning stage.

Through jointly assessing the specific needs and objectives of an organisation, incentive programmes are designed with best practices in mind, so that potential achievements are demonstrated to the Executive and Management teams, and the required actions to take to achieve the desired results are established.

Very often in large organisations, Middle Management is tasked with implementing incentive programmes and Senior Executives are responsible for providing Middle Management with the proper budgets and connecting the incentive programme to the executive vision. Occasionally there is a misalignment and a gap between C-suite Executives who set the company’s vision and Middle Management who are responsible for managing the programme’s day to-day operations to ensure the programme’s success. The Leadership coaching sessions have therefore proven to bring alignment between Executives and Management.

During these high-energy and fast paced sessions, high-level information is shared, which is also supported by research and data, so at the end of these sessions, Leadership teams walk away with a clearer understanding of the vision set by company Executives, there is a cohesive understanding of all components required to make an incentive programme successful, and Uwin Iwin Incentives has a deeper understanding of the corporate’s needs and can recommend and structure programmes strategically to support the objectives of the business.

As a result of the coaching sessions, Leadership teams have walked away more energised, with more creativity and were able to properly implement and execute incentive programmes successfully which ultimately yields a return on their investment.

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