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The Uwin Iwin Team at the HR Summit

The team that represented Uwin Iwin Performance Incentives, peopleHum and Totally Morpheus at this years HR Summit.

Uwin Iwin Performance Incentives along with our partners peopleHum and Totally Morpheus were thrilled to have exhibited at this year’s HR Summit.

On September 13, 2023, the Sandton Convention Center hosted the HR Summit, one of the biggest gatherings of thought leaders, business experts, and HR professionals in Southern Africa. It was a great turnout, with more than 2000 delegates in attendance.

The HR Summit was a premier HR event that gave industry experts the chance to discuss the most recent trends, challenges, and strategies in the field of human resources. The annual summit serves as a platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and teamwork with the goal of advancing workplace excellence.

We were excited about this fantastic opportunity to showcase our offerings as well as network and collaborate with Industry Professionals.

Uwin Iwin and partners spoke to HR and industry professionals who were eager to learn more about the difficulties and opportunities associated with engaging their workforce, the value of conscious leadership, and effective HR management solutions. From the perspective of incentives, our goal at this year’s summit was to impart and share our knowledge of the industry with individuals who were unfamiliar with our services, tell them of our current services as well as our most recent products, and show them how we could help.

The synchronised collaboration with our partners worked incredibly well and enhanced one another’s service offerings. For the businesses we collaborate with, creating outstanding leadership teams, offering effective incentive and recognition programs, and providing HR Software development tools are three strategies that will help the organisations we collaborate with achieve winning performance outcomes.

Uwin Iwin Performance Incentives is a pan African full house incentive company that has over 29 years’ experience in providing companies/ organisations with inspiring incentive solutions in Africa, India & Middle East. With extensive experience in the field, Uwin Iwin Incentives helps organisations enhance performance, increase employee engagement, and drive business results through effective incentive programmes. We work with clients to unlock their market potential and improve their performance in productivity. Our vision is to provide first class incentive programmes to organisations, by using our innovative modern reward solutions within the business market. We welcome the opportunity to work together strategically. For more details, please contact us at

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